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EVCA001-1 WTK Cover OL.inddTogether with Ruud Janssen and Dennis Luijer, Roel is the author of Event Design handbook.

This visual handbook demonstrates the why, how, and what of event design with the help of real world application and case studies that exhibit effective event design. It will change the way you think about how events change the world you live in.
This book lays the foundation for creating a common language. A language that can be spoken and understood by those who know and those who don’t yet know the mechanics of events. It is a pragmatic approach for designing and creating events that matter.
The Event Design handbook will change the way you think about how events change the world you live in. It shows the way to re-design your world on one sheet of paper using the #EventCanvas. Download a 72 page preview or order your copy right away.

This is the story of this book:

Prior to reading the full book, let us indulge you with a synopsis on 1 page of the EVENT DESIGN handbook.

The Event Canvas of the EVENT DESIGN handbook


You start the journey of reading this book eager to discover new ways of innovating events. You may have just discovered how Event Design offers that potential.

You are wondering how to inspire your team to join you on this journey whilst developing the ability to articulate how your events create value. These are the jobs you are trying to get done.

People in your environment are asking for innovations yet your event is actually pretty good already.

You bought the EVENT DESIGN handbook committing the time to read it and heard that if you claim the right amount of event design time, space and mobilise the team you will be empowered to put your trust in them and the process of Event Design.

You expect this book to really help you get these jobs done at the cost of a lunch and a couple of cappuccinos.

As you get into the flow of the book you discover an Event Canvas with a visual language that enables you to get to the core of your event design as a team.

You discover how value is created through the CHANGE of behaviour of the relevant stakeholders, constrained by a design FRAME which ultimately prompts your team to come up with DESIGN prototypes.

The most suitable of which you propose to your Event Owner.

You have landed yourself in a community of Event Design practitioners and their case studies inspire you to use your new tools and processes to discover how to contribute to the strategic conversation and get a seat at the table.

It’s you and your Event Design team that are setting the agenda and in the driver seat of delivering innovation to your organisation’s future.

You are the Event Designers of the future, equipped, confident and having a blast designing with the end in Mind.

Get ready to discover and pass on your new insights to enable teams like yours to become just as successful as you have.

By handing them a copy of the EVENT DESIGN handbook.

The book (as may have come to expect) is highly visual. See a second snippet of the table contents below:







Oh, and did we mention the book comes with access to an exclusive online set of resources? Order yours today and access exclusive content available to readers of the book only.

How to reinvigorate a traditional event?

It is April 2018 and we are preparing the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) that has been re-designed to reinforce the 6 decade old tradition. A high stakes event; a multi-million Euro production and a TV audience that easily exceeds 180 million viewers. A travelling circus that has to be planned in one year by a not necessarily experienced country’s broadcasting company. A representation of European performers who attempt to win the competition in each participating countries in order to be their country’s representative in the European Contest. The winner gets worldwide attention and recognition and the winning country hosts next year’s edition.

A contest which evolved from a talent competition to a piece of European culture and cultural heritage. The function of the event evolved from entertainment to competition to a symbol of european unity. Talent shows like ‘Idols’, ‘The Voice of …’ and ‘… got Talent’ have completely flipped the landscape. The European Broadcasting Union ‘Eurovision’ as the owner of the European Song Contest figured that the concept of European Song Contest could easily be hijacked, copied or changed dramatically. Many commercial broadcasting networks are trying to establish European initiatives that could potentially harm the ESC.

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Something about Mary …

How would the creators and visualizer of the Event Model Canvas explain the use of the canvas to their very own kids?
“… in a few weeks time Mary will celebrate her 8th birthday.  Grandpa and grandma really want to spoil MarMaryy. Mom & Dad want to make it a memorable day for everyone!  Mary really only wants one thing….”
This story is an example of what that story could look like in a children’s pictorial book.

This book is a first instalment of the upcoming event model canvas workbook for high stakes events.

Follow the development & download your copy of the event model canvas to design your own event.  Hope you had just as much fun reading it as we did making it…

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Mind mapping

Would you like to clean up the mess in your head and would like to structure your thoughts? Then mind mapping is a great tool to use to document afterwards or to take notes during a meeting. These mind maps can be easily converted into different formats, even in presentations.

If you are thinking of a digital tool to use I would personally recommend Mind Meister.

It’s a web-based, collaborative platform for better organizing, brainstorming and sharing your ides. Or, in fewer words: it’s an online mind mapping service.

Mind Maps

Named one of 25 most influential People in the Meeting Industry

Vice Chairman of MPI International & Co-Founder EventModelGeneration (EMG)
Roel Frissen
The Netherlands-based Frissen first made a splash as the managing director of Parthen Group, a company that provides registration software, meeting supplies, registration services, and venue finding. In that role, he steered his company in the direction of environmentally friendly practices such as sourcing sustainable products (like event badges and lanyards), and the use of carbon offsets. He also played a key role in the formation of the First European Chapter of the Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC) and he is the vice chairman of MPI. But it is his work in EMG that has earned him inclusion on the list this year. Together with his business partner Ruud Janssen, Frissen is exploring ways to merge the disciplines of business modeling, meeting design, meeting architecture, service design, content design, and event ROI into a logical whole that can turn those models into practical tools for crafting innovative and sustainably successful events.

Badges without hassle

A new service to clients of Parthen. We have sold badges for 25 years this year and we always have assisted our clients in delivering the best end product to their end client. Nice badges, merged with a database or off set printed their company logos and badge lay outs.

But since 10 June we have launched andbadge.it, which eases the work of designing a badge, merging it and get it printed.

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