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Roel is entrepreneur, ideas keep popping up in his head and he is one of the people who works on these ideas, speaks about them in his network and when the idea persist to stay in his head he tries to bring them to life.





Many problems in organisations are pretty present yet not visible for everyone inside that organisation. The ones who see that problem refer to that problem as the elephant in the room. This is the problem which first should be addressed before talking any further on the matter.  What is the elephant in your organisation?






This is how Roel helps fellow entrepreneurs (click here to view full presentation):

Roel writes, speaks and cares about:

How to design events effectively
The Event Model Canvas is a strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing events and conference models. It’s a visual chart with elements describing an event’s promise, how it helps stakeholders to get their jobs done, resolving pains and creating gains within a set framework of commitment and expected return. The canvas articulates how the behaviour changes as a result of having participated in the event as well as stating the required levels of satisfaction against expectations. Additionally the canvas outlines the costs and expected revenues in relation to the customer journey (service design) and the instructional design of the event.

Dreaming and Visioning
One of the most important yet underestimated aspects of entrepreneurship and running businesses is the vision. An essential set of sentences, which are not determining what and how you do it, but why you do it. There are obligatory vision statements an mission statements that have been created because this is a necessary ingredient of a business plan. These are absolutely useless compared to those who grasp exactly why this business or product exists, why this all has begun and what the future looks like. What a compass is to a sailor should a vision be to an entrepreneur and the organization he or she creates. What is your dream as an entrepreneur? Or should we rephrase and say what was your dream? Inspiration: Golden circles – Simon Sinek

Business model Innovation
The business model is how the organization works and earns its money. A careful thought process which is constantly challenged in modern organizations. In more traditional organizations which still do exist, this model was once invented and changed slightly over the years. Various stakeholders prevented the necessary change and modern companies can blow them away in a very short period of time. The Business Model Canvas is one of the tools Roel uses in his conversation with entrepreneurs, managers and business owners. The simple exercise of mapping their own organization opens a lot of opportunities by asking the right questions. Inspiration:
Find here an example of how Roel’s new canvas looks like. 

This is how the canvas works:








Work-life relations
In modern life, modern businesses and modern families everyone’s looking for the new paradigm. Life has changed and will never be the same again. Work is not a place where we go to in the morning, work is what we do no matter where we are. Work is something we choose to do and we change it if we do not like it anymore.
Change is the only constant as they say. ‘Carpe diem’ is in Latin, so must be over 2000 years old, and yet cease the day is an actual theme in this era. More than ever people get more and more stimuli than ever before. Constantly on the search for news; ‘infobese’. It is time to get work and life balanced. Cease it, you can take it with you when it is too late.

The art of making choices
One of the most powerful things Roel learned is that everything is a choice. EVERYTHING. The only problem is that we are not conscious of the fact that we are making choices constantly and that we are not consciously making them. Think of it? How many choices do you consciously make? What does that imply? Inspiration: Deepak Chopra, Paolo Coelho and Robin Sharma