Eventmodelgeneration start of an impactful era? #EMG

Heavily inspired by Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, their book Business Model Generation, their followers, cover of Harvard Business Review¬†and their subsequent app and software, Ruud Janssen and myself started the search for a similar movement, yet almost utopia, for events. Aren’t events businesses in itself, aren’t we looking for a common language in our industry, aren’t we lacking the tools to be a mature industry with serious professionals?

Studying and practicing the business model canvas in our daily lives and companies we became so passionate on how simple it was and how easy it was to talk to others. We therefor did not think longer than 5 minutes when we discovered the Business Design Summit in Berlin (April 2013) and we registered immediately. It costed a fortune (2000 EUR) for 1,5 day programme, but we believed it would bring us more. My business partner Ruud Janssen approached Alex Osterwalder before the meeting and told him we are working on something similar for events. We asked him whether we could bootstrap his event in Berlin to validate our model. He agreed and we assessed the whole event and we did pre and post interviews with stakeholders. In June we were invited by the Strategyzer team (software that Alex’s company is building to create tools for entrepreneurs and consultants) for a workaction in Thun Switzerland.

We presented our model and we brainstormed around what we believe is the next big thing for the Meeting & Events Industry.And we got validation, the reasoning and the logic behind it was understood by these bright gentlemen. So we were on the right track and on to something.

Some basics we now know; the event model has to be highly visual, easy to understand, do-it-yourself, free to use, easy to measure and energising to work with.

Four months later we have a model ready in its 6th iteration and many more iterations will follow, we have crafted a muliti-level training curriculum and we are writing a book. In the mean time we are servicing clients, building business cases, talking to potential clients and having lots of fun too.

We will keep you posted via eventmodelgeneration.com. Do you want to learn more? Contact us at ruud.janssen@eventmodelgeneration.com or roel.frissen@eventmodelgeneration.com.

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