Everything starts with a value proposition

Every company needs a Value Proposition. That is the base, the fundament, there is no company without it. Without it, there is no company.
Even if you are running a company and you don’t know what the proposition of your company is, don’t panic, it is there, the only thing is you have not thought of it this way.

In the section Doing Business on this site I try to describe Business Model Innovation. To be able to craft your model, existing or new, the proposition is the beginning. It is hard to really grasp the key elements of what your company offers, adds, brings to others, impacts others. It has to be concise and then again it has to comprise everything.

So far about definition of the value proposition, what about creating one? Here’s how Alex Osterwalder approaches it. Alex talks about pain relievers and gain creators. Because that is what we do: we create gains for clients and we relieve pain for clients. A nice approach visualized in a very nice way. Soon more on this topic.

Here’s the PDF. Source: Businessmodelalchemist.com by Alex Osterwalder

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