Great feeling … outran most of my fellows :) Nike tells me!

I previously talked about my recent running addiction. Giving up smoking, on a diet and running. And it all just seems to be right. I ran a lot in the past, between 2003 and 2007 I ran half marathons and some other (shorter) runs. But it never gave me a better feeling than it does now. I needed a habit or an addiction, which was finally healthy and making myself look better (narcism?). Here’s a tribute to a company (Nike) which really is one of the most powerful companies in the world. “In which index?”, I hear you asking. In my own league of inspiring companies. Although last quarter performance was not too good in financial way, but in what they do with athletes, sports men and women, human beings and society. They are making this globe more healthy, more fit and they fight obese in their own way. Without even mentioning this.

The beautiful new Nike+ Platform loads running data captured with IOS device seamlessly in their website. It then shows the data in different ways, just for fun or to understand your performance. A nice thing is the comparison as displayed in the image above. Feels good to be more active & faster then peers.



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