Updated: Exciting new Start-up: Community Profiler


We have outlined our added value and would like to check and verify this with Association Executives. Would you be interested to listen and to give your honest feedback? Click on the image below to browse through the PDF presentation.


How can associations make use of Big Data and how can they create value with it? This is one of the main questions we had when starting Community Profiler. Looking at the business model, we have prototyped a lot of models and we are still tuning the final model. We are ready to start, but eager to talk to clients. Are you and association pro, exec or board member? We’d like to talk to you!

We have created a launchrock.co site, we broadcasted and currently we are harvesting reactions. It is all about Increasing Association Membership.

Membership is under pressure and the value of membership being questioned. Associations deal with so many different stakeholders, that it is difficult to keep a clear overview of everybody who is involved. The Community Profiler puts a spotlight on the blind spots of your Association. With years of experience in IT and Associations, we can quickly combine all your Association data into insightful information that your senior management and your board can make better management decisions on.

More Info:ย http://lnc.hr/t2yfR

Jump? There is no way back …


Some time ago I decided to follow my heart and look for other opportunities next to my dompany Parthen. I like Parthen a lot and I want to continue to add value and bring this company towards the vision we created for 2020.

I am on the quest for energy. I love to put energy in my work (ad professional and volunteer) and I need energy in return. Everybody knows that feeling; after a day of hard work you realize on your way home that this was perfect day. You worked your ass of, excuse my French, and you still feel like the day has only just begun. These days … I only want to work these specific days.
I decided to work only for companies or associations which reward my input with new energy.

I realized that that was up to me to decide, but more important to follow up and do it. I showed that I was able to think outside the box, now I need to act outside the box.

From November on I have been working officially for myself. Involved in several companies as non-executive and next to Parthen where I’ll remain MD, I will primarily focus on business model innovation. Redesigning and implementing to save a company or to prepare it for the next decade. As a business owner I will help other business owners to find their ultimate way out and their sustainable business model. That would be a next step in living my mission: leaving a legacy and leaving people better than I found them.

Kids shouldn’t drive me crazy, should they?

I lost it, I am totally desperate. No matter how hard I try to be nice and how hard I try to listen and to guide them. It is very hard to admit that I really need help in this difficult job. But I need it.

It is comforting that many more parents in the world are facing the same challenges and annoying kids. No, my kids are not annoying, I just have not found the way to communicate with them. And it is not a total drama either, problems only occur during family dinner and sometimes in the morning rush.

So I am desperate, or better desperately looking for better ways, more effective ways to deal and communicate. I do not want to play the “I am the boss” card every time. I must be able to convince them, without using power. And then I heard a real good story of a fellow victim, uhh I mean parent. A book and a workshop. First step is done: I ordered the book. Curious.

Who knows, I might be a better communicator in business as well soon. Keep U posted …


Finland’s MICE Industry

In my term as a Member of the International Board of Directors of MPI I have visited several chapters and I have several visits scheduled. The goal is to talk to chapter leaders and to members in their own environment. Yesterday and today I visited MPI Finland and I must say that I am impressed.

After a great dinner with Board Members and MPI’s Chapter Operation Specialist Antti Lumiaanen yesterday evening, we had a deeper discussion on the new model MPI is rolling out in Europe and the implications and the consequences of that model. Self assessment brought the Board to a stage where they face a status quo and see that they must move, and thanks to the new model they know where to. That’s a good story. But their big question is now: HOW???

It is great if you can help and add some value by just asking questions. Questions and not answers, the answers come automatically and are never the same. Thsi process learns me that no group, company or association is the same. You can’t give them answers, they know the answers themselves. It is the question which potentially leads them to the answers.

In a very animated discussion I asked if MPI Finland would be for sale, would they buy it, and the answer was yes. If it was their company, what would they change tomorrow, was the next question. The answer was quite comprehensive. Spread events regionally and engage people in different regions, build the MPI brand in Finland and hire staff. Education was not part of the wish list, which means that this is a strong point. What is it you want staff to do once they are hired? Recruit new members, find partners/sponsors and build the brand. Easy as that ๐Ÿ™‚

The future is bright. The solution is there. Now it comes down to how. No worries, they’ll manage to do that.

In the afternoon I attended the educational event where I presented 15 minutes on MPI. The main speaker was in Finnish, but seemed to have a good story, based on the feedback of the Finnish speaking audience. It was on event concepts. Around 50 people showed up ๐Ÿ™‚

Again, two days which brought me energy. What a wonderful life I have got.

Everything starts with a value proposition

Every company needs a Value Proposition. That is the base, the fundament, there is no company without it. Without it, there is no company.
Even if you are running a company and you don’t know what the proposition of your company is, don’t panic, it is there, the only thing is you have not thought of it this way.

In the section Doing Businessย on this site I try to describe Business Model Innovation. To be able to craft your model, existing or new, the proposition is the beginning. It is hard to really grasp the key elements of what your company offers, adds, brings to others, impacts others. It has to be concise and then again it has to comprise everything.

So far about definition of the value proposition, what about creating one? Here’s how Alex Osterwalder approaches it. Alex talks about pain relievers and gain creators. Because that is what we do: we create gains for clients and we relieve pain for clients. A nice approach visualized in a very nice way. Soon more on this topic.

Here’s the PDF. Source: Businessmodelalchemist.com by Alex Osterwalder