Summer full of sports …

I love the bi-annual sport Summers. This year we have the European Soccer Championships which brought us great football and a great final. My team was disappointing but nevertheless I enjoyed the tournament and the host countries.

Wimbledon reaches its last days and was exiting and surprising as well. Reaaly nice tennis played at the oldest clubs in the world.

The most respect in sports I have for cyclists in the Tour de France. Those guys really are crazy and have elastic lungs and steel muscles. Brilliant stuff, heroic footage and great performances. And always surprises.

And then the 2012 London Olympics which will start in a few weeks. There isn’t too much news going on which could potentially be a good thin. No scandals, everything ready in time and no human rights violated. The biggest event in the world, so close to home and yet I can not attend 🙂

Nevertheless these outbursts of sports inspire me to run. and run faster. Beat my records in distance and in speed. I have registered for 3 runs; Dam-tot-Damloop 23 September (10 miles), Zevenheuvelenloop 18 November (15 kilometers) and Egmond Halve Marathon 13 January 2013 (half marathon 21,1k). The last one I did three times already. It is a heavy half marathon, half of the trail is on the beach and it is mid-winter 🙂 The heavier, the better!!!

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