Updated: Exciting new Start-up: Community Profiler


We have outlined our added value and would like to check and verify this with Association Executives. Would you be interested to listen and to give your honest feedback? Click on the image below to browse through the PDF presentation.


How can associations make use of Big Data and how can they create value with it? This is one of the main questions we had when starting Community Profiler. Looking at the business model, we have prototyped a lot of models and we are still tuning the final model. We are ready to start, but eager to talk to clients. Are you and association pro, exec or board member? We’d like to talk to you!

We have created a launchrock.co site, we broadcasted and currently we are harvesting reactions. It is all about Increasing Association Membership.

Membership is under pressure and the value of membership being questioned. Associations deal with so many different stakeholders, that it is difficult to keep a clear overview of everybody who is involved. The Community Profiler puts a spotlight on the blind spots of your Association. With years of experience in IT and Associations, we can quickly combine all your Association data into insightful information that your senior management and your board can make better management decisions on.

More Info: http://lnc.hr/t2yfR