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“Business Models, Service Design, Doing more with less” are things that you might have heard of and which stick in your mind. Who does not want to be more succesful, who does not want to be his or her company to be more successful?
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18 April – Full
16 May – 14.00 – 17.00 h in Seat2Meet Utrecht
20 June – 14.00 – 17.00h in Seats2Meet Utrecht

Center for Business Model Innovation helps you to gain insights in how you can apply different business modelling tools, but more than that how those tools can actually help you not only analyzing your current model but also to see opportunities in your model.

We will go through various business models which were successful in the past and are not successful anymore, we will dig into some stae-of-the-art models and we will be able to discuss your own business model.

This workshop is designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, senior management in SME and larger corporations.

To prepare yourself for the session you can read:
Business Model Generation by Alex Osterwalder, which is translated in different languages.

The workshops will be interactive and practical. Each workshop takes 3 hours with optional dinner afterwards. the session will be delivered in Dutch or English.


Updated: Exciting new Start-up: Community Profiler


We have outlined our added value and would like to check and verify this with Association Executives. Would you be interested to listen and to give your honest feedback? Click on the image below to browse through the PDF presentation.


How can associations make use of Big Data and how can they create value with it? This is one of the main questions we had when starting Community Profiler. Looking at the business model, we have prototyped a lot of models and we are still tuning the final model. We are ready to start, but eager to talk to clients. Are you and association pro, exec or board member? We’d like to talk to you!

We have created a site, we broadcasted and currently we are harvesting reactions. It is all about Increasing Association Membership.

Membership is under pressure and the value of membership being questioned. Associations deal with so many different stakeholders, that it is difficult to keep a clear overview of everybody who is involved. The Community Profiler puts a spotlight on the blind spots of your Association. With years of experience in IT and Associations, we can quickly combine all your Association data into insightful information that your senior management and your board can make better management decisions on.

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Everything starts with a value proposition

Every company needs a Value Proposition. That is the base, the fundament, there is no company without it. Without it, there is no company.
Even if you are running a company and you don’t know what the proposition of your company is, don’t panic, it is there, the only thing is you have not thought of it this way.

In the section Doing Business on this site I try to describe Business Model Innovation. To be able to craft your model, existing or new, the proposition is the beginning. It is hard to really grasp the key elements of what your company offers, adds, brings to others, impacts others. It has to be concise and then again it has to comprise everything.

So far about definition of the value proposition, what about creating one? Here’s how Alex Osterwalder approaches it. Alex talks about pain relievers and gain creators. Because that is what we do: we create gains for clients and we relieve pain for clients. A nice approach visualized in a very nice way. Soon more on this topic.

Here’s the PDF. Source: by Alex Osterwalder

When ideas come to reality …

It must have been January when a close friend and MPI colleague Ruud Janssen and myself were talking about the association model MPI had in place and how we would craft it when it was in our hands. We talked over the phone over a day and crafted a new model for MPI in Europe. Exactly answering the needs of Europe and formulating ambition to grow.

MPI has been in Europe for 20 years and back then the association-chapter model was copied and pasted across the Atlantic. That worked well, but Europe is a different continent. Ruud and myself worked as a volunteer leader on chapter level and on international level in MPI and we felt that we could help this organization when redesigning the model

The model acknowledges that chapters are different, because markets are different, because their sizes are different, their potential developments are different. The model appeals to a certain aspiration of chapters to grow, to do remarkable business, to leave a legacy. The model provides different kinds of support to different chapters and clubs. Support adjusted to the need of the chapter. In order to make that scalable, a new models hs been designed for Europe by Europe. MPI has developed 4 phases.

It is great when something which is only existing in your mind, comes to live, is embraced by stakeholders and gets traction. Of course we need to refine and process feedback, and it will probably look different in some years from now. This weekend that all happened. And this is what makes me proud.

For the first time in its history MPI is deeply revisiting its way of structuring its chapters to accommodate the realities of different markets. This represents a tremendous opportunity for European Chapter Leadership to take ownership of the chapter future, making them more relevant, valuable and ultimately successful.


Do you see the elephant in your business / life?

We often ignore big, visible and outspoken subjects, like they are not existing.

An “Elephant in the room” is an English language Metaphor Idiom for an obvious truth that is either being ignored or going unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem or risk no one wants to discuss. It is based on the idea that an Elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook; thus, people in the room who pretend the elephant is not there have chosen to avoid dealing with the looming big issue.

In every one’s life there is at least one thing which ignored, something that embarrasses you, something that is not compliant with the rest of your behavior, something you know is bad but as long as you don’t face it it is not true. We all know these things; not treating yourselves well, not making clear choices, not accepting consequences of your actions, not taking immediate action (and postponing the action).

I’ll help you to get rid of these elephants in your life. To face them, get your business and life aligned with your dreams again and to put everything back on track to happiness and success.

Not to confuse with “Seeing pink elephants” which is a euphemism for drunken hallucination, caused by alcoholic hallucinosis or delirium tremens.