European Sustainable Events Conference, Copenhagen

The Conference is about to kick-off, the first European Sustainable Events Conference. I am proud to be part of this initiative.

I am also proud that Parthen is sponsoring this event and that is how it should be done. These initiative can only become their own legacy with the helpof many and the craziness of few 🙂

It seems to be a nice programme, I will have to hurry to get there in time. Keep u posted. More info? Here!

Our brand new paper & awesome digital platform

Proud of our new Paper, just released and mailed out to all our clients and propects. All products are also on YouTube and you can view all sides of the bags and badges. Parthen Paper Summer 2012.

Issuu is a digital platform on which you can publish all kinds of publications; papers, magazines, ebooks, etcetera. And it’s free. Really amazing what a treasure of information is available through this platform. Definitely worth visiting online.