Jump? There is no way back …


Some time ago I decided to follow my heart and look for other opportunities next to my dompany Parthen. I like Parthen a lot and I want to continue to add value and bring this company towards the vision we created for 2020.

I am on the quest for energy. I love to put energy in my work (ad professional and volunteer) and I need energy in return. Everybody knows that feeling; after a day of hard work you realize on your way home that this was perfect day. You worked your ass of, excuse my French, and you still feel like the day has only just begun. These days … I only want to work these specific days.
I decided to work only for companies or associations which reward my input with new energy.

I realized that that was up to me to decide, but more important to follow up and do it. I showed that I was able to think outside the box, now I need to act outside the box.

From November on I have been working officially for myself. Involved in several companies as non-executive and next to Parthen where I’ll remain MD, I will primarily focus on business model innovation. Redesigning and implementing to save a company or to prepare it for the next decade. As a business owner I will help other business owners to find their ultimate way out and their sustainable business model. That would be a next step in living my mission: leaving a legacy and leaving people better than I found them.