An interesting year ahead …

Last year I took some crucial decisions in my life which have influence and impact on my well-being and also on my career.

How did I come to that decision?
As many people I rely on the energy I get from people, from projects, from experiences, from missions accomplished, from legacies created. I can spend a huge amount of energy on different things and the only condition is that I get energy back.
Since energy turned out to be this important in my life I decided to analyze my personal Return on Energy. There is to my knowledge no such thing yet, so I created a ‘model’ to analyze this.







What is the impact and what are the changes?
I have done the analysis and I came to the conclusion that I wanted to do more, that I wanted to ‘play multiple games at the same time’. ¬†All of this to get more ROE and to be ultimately happier in my professional life. Immediately there are all kinds of barriers which come up. And as quick as the dream unfolds, it can disappear again. But not this time. I was ready to do what it would take to make this change happen.

I now work on a part-time basis for my own company (Parthen) and have the possibility and the freedom to explore other options and to give attention to other ventures I am involved in. Not an easy step, but so far I have experienced a lot of support and prosperity, so I am confident that my choice will turn out to be good and will bring me to the next phase in my development.

At least I have experienced that there is a lot of truth in the quote of Sahar Hashemi – who I have seen in a keynote in Budapest last year – ‘Leap and the net will appear’. This is so true, so for the people who are no dare devils: LEAP!

Sahar Hashemi, Coffee Republic